Epiphany: Shining Through By Lee Benoit
Torquere Press
Reviewed by Beth Anne




Paulo has wrangled to take the place of his friend Jim for a performance at a BDSM club when Jim is sick and needs to skip the event. Turns out that Paulo had seen the performance between Jim and his scene partner, Master Rose (Preston) earlier in the month and has become fixated on Master Rose. The normal rules for the performances are ďOne night only, no permanent marks or damage, no safe word.Ē  Though Paulo doesnít have a lot of experience as a sub, so itís quickly decided a safe word is required.

I enjoyed how Epiphany:  Shining Through alternated between the characterís perspectives. We hear from Tasim, Preston, Paulo, and then back and forth between Paulo and Preston. (Tasim is the club owner.) The scene is set to be one of Prestonís last performances at Tasimís club. It was fun to watch Preston fall for the inexperienced sub, and the use of ginger and holly to put Paulo in the proper head space during the scene was interesting and fun. A thoroughly enjoyable interlude. 

The ďOrdeal PathĒ was mentioned, as well as a discussion between Tasim and Preston about it being a lifestyle versus a religion. I Googled the meaning of Ordeal Path to understand what they were talking about, and I probably still donít have a true understanding or concept of what it really means, but the following definition found at http://www.sacredrhythms.org/  helped clarify:

An Ordeal Path is any spiritual practice which creates an ecstatic state of consciousness by putting the body and mind through some form of extreme experience. This means that just about everything in the BDSM world is fair game and can potentially present a course of approach to Spirit.

Personally, I didnít need to know the definition of the Ordeal Path to enjoy this story, but it made a few more details click for me. What I enjoyed was how Preston fell for Paulo, and the potential future Master/Sub relationship that is hinted at when Preston surprises himself as well as the audience in the manner in which he ends the performance and claims Paulo. Not sure if knowing the Master had a weakness that the sub could unknowingly exploit, but seeing the Dom fall with sexual gratification was hot and it only follows that Epiphany:  Shining Through is a Joyfully Recommended Read.

Paulo is first seen in Heard on High, also by Lee Benoit, but both stories can be read in any order and enjoyed as a stand alone. 


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