Cosmic Sex by Karen Kelley
Erotic Paranormal Romance
ISBN 978-0-7582-1767-7
Reviewed by Nannette




Kia arrives on Earth from Narek searching for her cousin Mala to take her back home. She ends up at a bar where she meets Nick Scericino. Nick is working undercover with his partner, Sam, trying to bust a drug dealer he hopes will lead them to the Russian mafia.  Instead of making the bust, Nick ends up taking Kia home with him after escaping a bar room brawl and discovering Kia has nowhere else to go. When Kia begs him for sex, he has no resistance against her.  But the greatest sex of his life becomes his worst nightmare when Kia tells him she is an alien.

Eventually Kia convinces Nick that she really isnít from Earth and he agrees to help her find her cousin. The more time they spend together the less they want to leave each other though. And while theyíre dealing with their ever growing feelings, the Russian mafia is watching them, and they think Nick and Kia have something they want.

Cosmic Sex is a highly entertaining story full of fun and romance. Itís also intensely sensual and erotic.  I adore Kia.  She is innocent and sweet and yet very seductive and Nick is incredibly sexy and gorgeous. I really enjoyed Cosmic Sex and I Joyfully Recommend it!


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