Capital Games by G.A. Hauser
Linden Bay Romance
Contemporary M/M
ISBN: 978-1-60202-086-3
Reviewed by Beth Anne




YES!  Anger, frustration, jealousy, and passion all happened between two ad executives competing for the same high dollar account. Steve Miller is currently one of the top salesmen at his company, when newcomer Mark Richfield is hired and lands a huge account within days of employment. Steve expected the advertising world to be less dangerous than his stint as a Los Angeles police officer, but corporate politics seem to be taking over both his personal and professional life with the all likelihood of breaking his heart in the process. Mark is polished, sexy, charismatic, British and everything Steve admires in a man.

When top management and company executives are required to attend a team building retreat, the sparks, arguments, tension, and sexual desires all explode when Steve and Mark are on their own in the middle of the desert. In Capital Games, I found both Steve and Mark to be men I liked. Steve was upfront and honest about his feelings, though easy to anger. Mark, as sexy as he was, drove me nuts with his desire to please the people in his life, from his family to his fiancé. And see, that one little problem word:  fiancé? Can Steve convince Mark to become a permanent fixture in Steve’s life and cancel the wedding?  

I enjoyed watching the relationship unfold and especially the sexual attraction between the two men and the games they played!  HOT!  Humorous note:  look for mention of the book The Kiss, also by G.A. Hauser. The reference was tied to the plot of the story and was fun to see Steve pick it up for his reading pleasure.  Capital Games for me is a Joyfully Recommended Read!!!!


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