Call of the Clan by Patti Wigington
New Concepts Publishing
Romantic Suspense
Reviewed by Tanya




Brynne is not having a good day at all.  The office bimbo has just taken her job at work, blacklisted her with other firms in her area, and now her car is totaled.  But wait, now suddenly there is a lawyer who tells her she has inherited a Scottish keep and that it comes from her biological father’s family.  Of course there is a catch though; she must live in the house for at least a year.  Then if she wants the funds that come as part of her inheritance, it is all hers, but she cannot sell the keep, as it is entailed.  Having nothing else to lose, she is off to Scotland.

The lawyer who sent for her is one smokin’ hot man. She is quickly realizing that not only has she been in a bit of a bad luck spell but her love life has taken a turn in that direction also.  Maybe this lawyer is just the man to help her rectify that situation.  But things are not as peaceful as they appear at the keep.  She is expected to perform a few duties as all the locals consider herself “the Murray” even if she has never met any of her ancestors.  There are some people along who will help her out.  She has the respect of the family cook and there is this generations “Murray” protector in the form of Cayden Spalding.  Speaking of Cayden, that is one man who makes Brynne’s blood heat at the thought of him.

Suddenly they are all thrown into a world of intrigue.  There is an unexplained death at the keep and everyone is a suspect.  When a second body turns up, it becomes quickly apparent that this is no accident.  Who can Brynne trust, and more importantly who can Brynne give her heart to?

Call of the Clan is a modern day “who done it”, with intrigue, suspense and a few hot men to fight for the girl, or is it the estate?  This story sucked me in at the first turn; I love how the woman loses to the office bimbo but then has this odd windfall in the same day.  The mystery had me changing my mind every couple of pages as to who I thought was behind the deaths, and what their motives were.  Take all of that and add in some hot Scottish men, in kilts even, and you get a winning story.  I Joyfully Recommend Call of the Clan to all.


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