Black Widow by Mackenzie McKade
Samhain Publishing
ISBN: 1-59998-856-9
Reviewed by Dee Valentine




Leaving her office to go home Tammy is violently attacked and mauled by what appears to be a giant dog.  As Tammy feels her heart beating it’s last, she is rescued.  When she awakens she finds herself chained to a cold floor and along with the paralyzing fear she feels, Tammy finds that she can only think of how much she wants to be sandwiched between the two gorgeous men discussing her without realizing she’s awake, and the fact that she can hear their blood pumping in their veins and she’d like nothing better than to drink her fill.  Tammy has been viciously ripped from her lonely yet normal life to a life where she is hated and believed to be an abomination better off dead.  Marcellus, the vampire leader who saved her life and Roark the werewolf leader who realizes she’s in heat both feel a strange pull towards the young woman who did not ask to be turned into a hybrid of vampire/werewolf.  Both men are willing to do what they must in order to save her life and keep her as their mate.  But with so many questions swirling around and danger lurking within each group vampire and werewolf can this triad overcome all obstacles that lay in their path to happiness?

Black Widow is beyond a doubt a Joyfully Recommended Read for me!!  Let me tell you why…I was hooked from the first chapter.  I read this story late into the night, eyes burning and teary and yet I continued to read because I wanted to see who was the mysterious, sexy man who fought off what was no doubt a werewolf gone mad and rescued this poor woman from it’s maw full of teeth.  As I read I was wholly sucked into the turmoil that Tammy felt being caught between THREE worlds, (human, vampire and werewolf) and two stunning-make-your-panties-melt men who both want her as their mate.  The hatred that was thrown at Tammy from each group was so real; I can imagine the eyes of those wanting her dead glowing an eerie red.  Not only was Tammy dealing with being unwanted she had to deal with the extremely confusing and conflicting feelings within.  She wanted sex…no, not wanted, she NEEDED it.  At the same time she needed to feel the richness of blood flowing down her throat and her very desire was to have both at the same time.  Marcellus and Roark answer her siren’s call and I swear I thought I would have to move to Alaska just to cool the flames.  There is one scene that is SO hot my eyes crossed, I put my ereader down to cool off and went back and re-read it just for good measure.  Ms. McKade could make a saint commit a sin with this story! As Tammy gathered her inner strength, there were moments that I could visualize her wrapping her newfound power and confidence around her like a man wraps himself around his woman in the heat of passion.  It was at these moments I would giggle and say ‘You go girl!’  Now there is a character in the story, Stephen, who I would love to see in a future book.  A bucket of ice won’t do the trick this time, you will have to pull out your little black book or grab your s.o. when you are done reading, or as you are reading this, but read it you must!


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