Accidentally Were? By Anne Douglas
Loose Id
Shape-shifter Paranormal
ISBN: 978-1-59632-575-3
Reviewed by Jo




Pearl Gordon just had her first ever one-night stand and has the hickeys to prove it.  If that was not odd enough for her – the marks appear to be bites and suddenly every dog in the neighborhood wants to get to know her.  Pearl knows that this is not a normal outcome of a one-night stand and goes to a friend, Shaun, for help.  Shaun comes up with an insane idea, but suggests her neighbor as a person to ask for help.

Rex Dixon is the local vet and a were-bear.  He is part of the combined local pack and just can’t figure out why a female were in heat would come into his business.  All weres know not to purposefully go around unmated males unless they want to cause a ruckus.  Rex, a confirmed bachelor, follows the delicious scent that is driving both himself and his clients crazy with want, and to find out who the insane woman is. 

Rex drags out Pearl and after listening to her ranting, realizes what has happened and he takes her to safety – or so he thought.  But fate and magic are not done with Pearl and Rex just yet.  If Pearl thought last night was out of the norm for her, just wait until she sees what is going to happen in the next few hours and days.  When a special magic decides to make an appearance and put its own special touch on matters, what is the outcome going to be for Pearl and Rex?

Accidentally Were? is a fast-paced and extremely lighthearted story on the outcome of Pearl’s one night-stand.  Pearl is both very prim and proper, but she also has a fun-loving and sexy part of herself she keeps hidden from most people.  Rex believes himself to be the only were-bear left, or at least one of very, very few, and has resigned himself to never have a mate and cubs.  I thought the matching of Rex and Pearl was perfect in that they are so different from each other and yet meshed in the best ways.    I tried several times to put down Accidentally Were? and do some work that needed to be done, but the map-capped adventures, the swift twists and turns of the plot, and the great humor would not let me put it down until I turned the last page.  I loved Accidentally Were? and highly recommend it to not only paranormal lovers, but also to anyone who enjoys a bit of great humor with their romance.  Like I previously said – highly recommend, so for me it just has to be Joyfully Recommended Read.


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