Touch Of Desire by Susan Spencer Paul
St. Martin’s Paperbacks
Paranormal Romance
ISBN 0-312-93389-4
Reviewed by Nannette



Malachi Seymour, the Earl of Graymar, is the Dewin Mawr¾a very powerful sorcerer.  When a rather bothersome and inquisitive woman named Sarah Tamony persistently seeks him out to learn more about him and his family for a book she is writing, Malachi insists that she be stopped.   For anyone to know too much about the magic users would be dangerous. 

The time has almost come for Malachi to face the Cythraul¾a demon who arrives to test all ruling wizards.  He must reach the demon before his enemy Morcar Cadmaran.  Morcar craves power and seeks revenge against Malachi.   Morcar is not the only one who wants power though; Serifina Daray is a sorceress determined to best both Malachi and Morcar, and rule the world.

An unexpected meeting between Malachi and Sarah forges a partnership that turns into so much more.  Along with Sarah, Malachi will soon require the help of all those around him including an enemy to stop the Cythraul from taking over.

Wondrous magic fills the pages in Touch Of Desire.  The enchanting spells vary between mysterious, amusing, glorious and scary.  Malachi emanates power and control, and his intense and seductive charm is very appealing.   Sarah is lovely and her fearless thirst to learn about magic is infectious.  Sorcerers and spells are seamlessly blended with reality in Touch Of Desire, creating a world where magic truly exists.  Touch of Desire is the third book in the Enchanters series.  I hope there is more to come.


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