The Untamed Heiress by Julia Justiss
Harlequin Historical
Sensual Regency Historical Romance
ISBN 0-373-77113-4
Reviewed by Nannette



Helena Lambarth is celebrating the death of her father.  She was a virtual prisoner in Lambarth Castle.  Helena was abused by her father and separated from her beloved mother.  Now that he is gone, Helena has traveled to London to meet with her motherís friend, Lady Lillian Darnell. 

Lord Adam Darnell needs to marry a wealthy woman.  His father did not take care of the estate and his stepmother Lady Darnell spends excessively.  As Adam contemplates this, he heads to retrieve poor orphaned Helena.  Expecting a child, he is shocked to find Helena a woman who has clearly been mistreated.

While Adam continues with his plans to marry the wealthy Lady Priscilla Standish, he is slowly coming to admire and respect Helena, whoís beauty is also becoming a fierce temptation for him.  Now, Adamís increasing desire for Helena is waging a war against his feelings of duty. 

In The Untamed Heiress, Helena is magnificent.  She is beautiful, honorable, intelligent, innocent, unconventional and sensual, and I really enjoyed watching Adam fall for her.   As the story progressed I was captivated by Adam and Helenaís plight.  Each character in The Untamed Heiress contributes to its dramatic storyline, but itís Adam and Helena who enchanted me in this incredibly moving and romantic story.


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