Snow Angel by Sharon Maria Bidwell
Loose Id
LGBT Contemporary
ISBN: 978-1-59632-371-1
Reviewed by Shannon



Dean Chapman canít figure out where heís gone wrong when it comes to his friend.  Heís known Jay for years and the two men were once very close.  Dean always wanted to get something started between himself and Jayís sister, April.  One day he was walking in town and grabbed the gorgeous Reid while she was in front of him for a deep, passionate kiss.  Only, it wasnít April he was kissing, it was Jay.

Jay Reid is in love with Dean.  He knows itís only going to hurt him in the long run, but he canít stop his feelings for the insufferably frustrating man.  When Dean finds out how Jay really feels about him, Jay just wants to hide somewhere.  He canít face Dean after this.

Inexplicably, Dean is drawn to Jay after he finds out about his feelings.  When he sneaks into Jayís apartment one night and gives in to his curiosity, things change between them.  Now, Dean must face questions about his sexuality and Jay must face the possibility that he may never get to be with the man he has always loved.

Sharon Maria Bidwell has penned an exceptional tale in Snow Angel, one that resonated with me long after I finished it.  At times the emotions were so intense, so painful, that it was hard for me to read, but then I would turn the page and find something incredible to keep me going.  Dean initially flip-flops between being a jerk and being a sweet and caring friend.  He often acts before he fully thinks and his actions with Jay prove that.  Jay is achingly vulnerable when it comes to Dean, but he is strong enough to know who he really is and what he really wants.  April is a fitting addition to the cast Ė even when I wanted to strangle her Ė furiously protective of her brother but willing to do anything to have him get his wish.  I loved every minute of reading Snow Angel, and I highly recommend it.


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