Moon Awakening by Lucy Monroe
Children of the Moon
Paranormal Romance
Berkley Sensation
ISBN: 978-0425-21426-8
Reviewer: Melissa



When Emily Hamlitonís family disobeys the king, he decides to punish them by ordering that one of the daughters be given in marriage to a Scottish laird.  Rather than give up her favorite daughter, Emilyís stepmother comes up the idea of sending Emilyís youngest step-sister, Abigail.  Emily canít allow that to happen, Abigail is deaf and Emily believes she surely would be mistreated because of her handicap.  She quickly offers to take Abigailís place as the Scottish Lairdís bride and soon finds herself living with the Sinclair clan where no one likes her and bethrothed to the Sinclair laird who has no desire to have her as a wife.  Sheís not sure if things have gotten better or worse when she and her finaceís sister are kidnapped by a rival clan. 

Lachlan is the laird of the Balmoral clan, and the leader of his werewolf pack.  When Lachlan went to steal the Sinclair lairdís sister, he never intended to take Emily too.  Heís sworn never to take a chance of having a son who canít shape shift by marrying a human, but everything about Emily has him fighting to keep himself from claiming her.  As an enemy inside attempts to put the Sinclair and Balmoral clans at each otherís throats, Lachlan must face his own desire for Emily.  He needs to decide if his growing love for her is enough to set aside what heís always believed would be best for his clan.

Moon Awakening is simply awesome! I just canít put it any more eloquently!  From page one I was entranced.  Stunningly sexy and emotionally riveting, Lucy Monroe has given us a paranormal romance that made me literally lose myself within the pages.  Moon Awakening is easily one of the best paranormals Iíve ever read!


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