Mists of Manhattan by Michele Lang
Triskelion Publishing
Fantasy Romance
ISBN 1-60186-072-2
Reviewed by Amelia



Vivianna Levy is the high priestess of New York City.  By the strange occurrences going on in the city, she knows that magic has descended on the Big Apple.  Magical beings are seen around town.  The king and queen of Camelot, Arthur and Gwen Pendragon, are now living in New York.  Merlin makes appearances on his motorcycle.  Things should be going well.

But theyíre not.  Viv knows that Mordred, Arthurís bastard son, has returned.  Heís bent on destroying his father, whom he believed raped his mother, Morgause.  He has other things on his mind, too.  Like seducing Viv.

Viv tries to resist Mordred, but itís hard to do, seeing as how heís so darn sexy.

Mists of Manhattan features a new twist in a tale as old as time.  I loved the way Ms. Lang wove the ancient story into modern times.  Readers will enjoy meeting a host of fascinating characters that will take them on a thrill ride from the first to the last page.

I highly recommend this imaginative tale.


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