Blame It On Cupid by Jennifer Greene
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 0373771770
Reviewer: Melissa



Years ago when Merry had agreed to be the guardian for her friend’s daughter, Charlie, in the event of his death, she didn’t really think it would ever happen.  Now she’s guardian to a grief-stricken eleven year old who is by no means happy by her arrival.  To add more trouble, Merry’s new neighbor, Jack, doesn’t seem to approve either.  As time goes on, Merry, Jack and Charlie, along with Jack’s two sons, become closer and closer, but Jack’s ex-wife had put him through an emotional ringer and he’s not sure he wants another relationship.  Just when Jack is deciding exactly what he wants from Merry, everything begins to blow up in their faces when Charlie’s deadbeat mother returns and attempts to gain custody in order to claim the inheritance that Charlie’s father has left her.

I loved Blame It On Cupid! Merry is a delightful mess that readers will quickly come to adore, while Jack is everything a romance hero should be!  Jennifer Greene has penned a romance that will keep you smiling all the way through and sad to see the last page.  A quirky and fun romance, Blame It On Cupid is one book that romance lovers will want to add to the top of their “to be read” pile!


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