Bedding the Heiress by Cathy Maxwell
Historical Romance
ISBN 978-0-06-112180-7
Reviewed by Annmarie



Now that Justin Maddox has been given his rightful title as Duke of Colster, he is expected to take his place in society.  He must wear gloves, attend balls and of course he must marry.  It is now his duty to wed and provide heirs.  Uncomfortable in his new role as Duke, marrying is the last thing Justin wants to do.

When he encounters a lovely beauty alone on a terrace during a ball, Justin steals a kiss.  Although Justin is sure Francesca is not at all proper, indeed she was alone on a terrace, he is also certain he is drawn to her.  From that one kiss on the terrace, Justin and Francesca start a relationship that may turn into more than just a kiss between strangers.

Cathy Maxwell is one of my favorite historical romance authors.  She consistently delivers what I want in a historical romance.  Her heroines are strong, her heroes deliciously alpha and her plot lines engaging.  Bedding the Heiress is another terrific Cathy Maxwell novel. 

I love Francesca's spirit, Justin's honor and strength and I was immediately sucked in to the story.  The chemistry between Francesca and Justin made me shiver in delight.  Bedding the Heiress is all that I could want in a romance and, as always, I am eagerly awaiting more from Cathy


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