A Man In A Million by Jessica Bird
Silhouette Special Edition #1803
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-373-24803-2
Reviewer: Melissa



Madeline Maguire has pretty much given up on love after being betrayed not once, but twice, however this hasnít stopped her fascination with Spike Moriarity.  Spike thinks about Mad all the time and would love to have a chance with her.  However, with the secrets in his past, he doesnít believe he is worthy of her.  Now heís agreed to accompany her to a family gathering in order to protect her from her less than kind siblings.  As they spend more and more time together, their feeling deepen into love.  Can this new love survive the secrets of his past and the machinations of Madís family?

Ripe with emotion, passion and family drama, A Man In A Million pulled me into Mad and Spikeís life and kept me wanting their much deserved happiness to finally come!  A Man In A Million left me anxiously hoping that Ms. Bird intends to write more stories for the other characters in this book. It doesnít matter if Jessica Bird is writing contemporary romance or paranormal romance under her alias J.R. Ward, each and every book explodes with her awesome story telling talent.


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