A Lover's Pretense

A Lover’s Pretense by AlTonya Washington
The Ramsey, Book 2
Kimani Press
African American Contemporary
ISBN: 978-1-58314-777-1 (13) 1-58314-777-2 (10)
Reviewed by Nikita Steele



Renowned rail designer, Tykira Lowery, has not set foot in Seattle since she left home for college years ago – all due to her painful breakup with Quaysar Ramsey.  Out of the blue, the Ramsey Group contacts her with a challenging job offer that she can’t refuse. Completing this major, multi-dollar task would make her already successful business skyrocket to a whole new level.  Not about to allow a grand opportunity to pass her by, Ty decides to return to Seattle with her business team.  She vows to maintain tight control over her emotions and uphold a professional relationship with Quay, or better yet, steer clear of him as much as possible.  But, Ty quickly finds out it is much easier said than done to stay out of Quay’s arms.

Quaysar Ramsey has been in love with Ty for a very long time; but, he has always been determined to keep her at a distance.  Dangerous threats have been made against all the woman in his past and he is not about to endanger Ty’s life.  For years, Quay was able to stay away from Ty; however, when she returns to Seattle at the request of his twin brother, Quest, Quay finds it difficult to deny his raging desire to claim Ty as his own.  Will the hardship from their devastating breakup continue to be a major obstacle between them?  And, more so, if by a miracle Quay and Ty are able to reunite as a couple, will the demon from Quay’s past resurface and cause major havoc, possibly ending Ty’s life?

AlTonya Washington is back again with her sequel novel in the Ramsey family saga.  A Lover’s Pretense was just as hot and intense as its prelude.  All I can say is WOW! I loved A Lover’s Pretense!  It seems as if each new segment in the Ramsey family series just keeps getting better and more exciting.  Ms. Washington has mastered the act of teasing and torturing the reader until you find yourself rapidly flipping page after page, eager to see what will happen next.  Even though the main feature in the phenomenal A Lover’s Pretense was Ty and Quay’s love story; it also revealed the person behind the murder mystery that carried over from the first novel; touched on up on Mick and Quest’s life after marriage; taunted about the future love interests of more Ramsey men and developed another secret that stemmed from the original anonymity.  Whew!  Readers, if you admire a cocky, dominate, suave, compassionate, sexy-as-hell type of man – then Quay is THE man.  Ty had a lot on her plate in her dealings with Quay, yet, she handled herself and Quay with class and style.  Although Ms. Washington did an excellent job of giving great background information, I would suggest reading A Lover’s Dream before tackling A Lover’s Pretense because of the continuation of the suspenseful murder mystery and, more importantly, to experience the satisfaction of Mick and Quest’s union.  A Lover’s Pretense is positively a Joyfully Reviewed Recommended Read!


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