A Lover's Mask

A Lover’s Mask by AlTonya Washington
The Ramsey, Book 3
Kimani Press
African American Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 9-780373-86010-4
Reviewed by Nikita Steele



Fernando Ramsey grew up believing that a woman was an object only used to satisfy a man’s desire.  With a father like Marcus Ramsey how could he accept anything else?  His father is the master of manipulation and never treated his mother with the respect that she deserved.  Nevertheless, Fernando yearns for a magical love that his parents never possessed.  Fernando never thought he would find that kind of love until he met Contessa Warren.  Here is a beautiful woman that is sexy-as-hell and vastly feisty – just the type of woman Fernando desires.

Contessa Warren is on a mission to discover all the dirty little secrets the Ramsey’s have hidden in their closet.  She is positive the family is tangled up in a scandal or two and she believes that she is just the person to uncover them all.  However, there is just one problem with her plan - Fernando Ramsey.  Contessa isn’t sure how it happened; but she finds herself instantly falling under Fernando’s alluring charm.  Will Contessa be able to continue her quest to reveal all the Ramsey skeletons, knowing it could cause great disgrace to Fernando’s family name? 

With A Lover’s Mask being the third book in the Ramsey family saga, I am finding it very difficult not to repeat myself over and over again about the superior writings of this series.  Readers, if you are a huge fan of tantalizing suspense, deceitfulness, love, passion and countless shocking secrets then this series is just what the doctor order.  I am simply amazed at AlTonya Washington’s storytelling – each book gets better and spicier than its predecessor.  I loved everything about A Lover’s Mask!  From the spectacular mystery to smoking hot sexual encounters.  The sensational foreplay between Contessa and Fernando will have you going up in heated flames while the dramatic suspense will have you tangled up in a massive web.  Just when you think you have figured everything out, Ms. Washington flips the script on you and throws you for a tale spin.  To receive the full impact of the Ramsey clan, I would suggest reading each book in the order that it was release.  However, if you just happen upon this fantastic novel first you will not feel at a lost because Ms. Washington gives great background details in A Lover’s Mask.


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