Unclose Me by Jamie Craig

Liquid Silver Books


ISBN 978-1-59578-336-3

Reviewed by Ley



Coming from different backgrounds and equally stressful time consuming careers Officer Jude Strand and Dr. Elliot Black tried to make their relationship work. Sensing that what they have may be coming to an end Elliot refuses to let Jude go easily.  Elliot chooses to fight for what he and Jude have even though he has his doubts about them.  Jude loves Elliot in spite of everything that seems to be against their relationship, passing up a chance to be with him one last time was simple something she could not do.  Will a weekend away for this couple who obviously love and need one another be enough to show them that they can make their relationship work?

Unclose Me is a fantastic story!  Itís hot, sexy, emotional and so very real.  Jude and Elliot have a strong love for each other but insecurities of failed relationships and being unsure of where they stand with each other threatens to destroy what they have. Jamie Craig did a great job of producing a realistic portrayal of two people who belong together and are trying to feel out a way to stay together.  Of course as with most relationships their approach to resolving their problems over looks the obvious answers, namely communication.  The dialogue between them was perfect and what I loved the most was that the story length and content combination was just right. Unclose Me is a terrific story that I feel many readers can connect with.  I loved this story and I Joyfully Recommend it.


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