Twisted Passion by Michelle OíNeill & Lindsey Bayer

AEssyrian World Series, Book 3

Double Dragon Publishing

Fantasy/ Science Fiction

ISBN-10: 1-55404-592-4

ISBN-13: 978-1-55404-592-1

Reviewed by Indy



In a world where the only constant is violence and death, AEssyrian General Gavin Thereon is at the helm of another battle where the blood of many will be shed. At the request of his King, Gavin is tasked with bringing down two of their neighboring kings in a quest to create an Empire never seen before in the likes of their world. In the middle of battle plans and carnage is his human lover Harlan. His lone weakness, Harlan is everything heís not, dedicated to helping those in need and trusting to a fault. While trying to do the impossible Gavin will have to figure out a way to conquer is jealously if he and Harlan stand a chance at truly making it. Otherwise someone from his past is lurking, waiting on the opportunity to have her for his own.

This is my third journey into the AEssyrian world where I continue to be blown away by the excitement and danger that befalls one of the very few human inhabitants and her brutish lover. Twisted Passion further explores the volatile relationship between General Gavin and his obsessive love affair with a human doctor. A brutal General more known for the trail of dead heís left in his wake, I find myself rather enamored with his brutal nature, with the way he loves, plays and destroys. Gavin and Harlanís fragile relationship is fraught with issues stemming from distrust, misunderstandings and the differences between the human and her half-breed alien lover.

Michelle OíNeill and Lindsey Bayer continue to expand on this fascinating world and Iím constantly on edge wondering what will happen next. What vile enemy is waiting patiently to test the strength of a General known for his willingness to slaughter any who threaten him, the kingdom he serves or the woman he obsesses over. This is really a fascinating series with an overabundance of action, excitement and twists that you never see coming. Those who are enraptured with new and strange world will find themselves salivating over every additional installment. At least I know I have, which is why I Joyfully Recommend Twisted Passion for the month of December.


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