The Man Must Marry by Janet Chapman

Sinclair Brothers, Book 1

Pocket Star


ISBN: 978-1-4165-05303

Reviewer: Melissa




Willa Kent happily does her best to make Abram Sinclair’s final days comfortable. Abram is determined not to let his grandsons see him in his weakened state. But Willa never saw that her comfort would give Abram the idea that she would be the perfect wife for one of his grandsons and that he would make it a stipulation in his will that whichever of his grandsons married Willa would get all of the stock in their company. Sam Sinclair has been intrigued by Willa since he met her, before he learned of his grandfather’s will. The will only makes him more determined to have Willa for his own. Passion explodes between them but convincing Willa to marry him may just be the hardest thing he’s ever done.

I adore Janet Chapman and The Man Must Marry is a perfect example of why! Sam and Willa strike the perfect cord, pulling the reader into their story. Add two more yummy Sinclair brothers that will have their own story and this book is a winner!  Witty, passionate and just plain fun, The Man Must Marry is a must read that I joyfully recommend.



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