Stray by Rachel Vincent


Contemporary Shapeshifter

ISBN: 978-0-7783-2555-0

Reviewed by Tanya


Faythe Sanders is many things but human is not one of them.  She is a grad student, she is an independent woman but she is also a werecat, and the heir to a powerful territory.  The fact that she is away at college is shocking to most as with most tabby cats being a rare member of the species (10 in the US).  As a matter of fact they are usually married and have children by Faytheís age.  Another fact that sets Faythe apart is that she has already left the love of her life at the alter.  Now she is enjoying summer session at school but, things change when on the way back from class she detects the scent of a stray in the area.  When she goes to investigate she is attacked, while she fends off the attacker, who flees, she is unfortunately summoned home.  Who comes to get her but the man she left at the alter.  She protests but when she found that two of her fellow tabbies have disappeared she knows she has to return home.

But, going home does not mean she is up for resuming all her old relationships.  She wants to be treated better and have things on her terms.  But, will she try to run away from her protection when things get tough especially as she wants to be part of the hunt to get the stray that is kidnapping her fellow tabbies?  Lots of things have changed since she left 5 years ago, is she one of them?

Absolutely fantastic, incredible, extraordinary and any other synonyms that you can think of are how I would describe Stray by Rachel Vincent.  I happened upon this story while searching for a couple of books to read and am so glad I picked it up.  I loved Stray so much I immediately went out and bough Rogue as soon as I was done (at 2 am) so that I would have it to read when I had a chance the next day.  I found Ms. Vincent to have a great depth of imagination in not only the current characters but also how she weaves their pasts into the story.  If you are a fan of Patricia Briggs, Mercedes character then you will love Faythe Sanders and her world of werecats.  If a well written storyline isnít enough to entice you but a hot guy will, then Ms. Vincent has that covered also.  If you donít like the playful Jace, then maybe the quite Owen or there is always the sexy brooding amazing Marc, though you might have to fight Faythe for him.  As you can tell by me gushing all over Stray I am certain that you need to go out and pick up this series and start reading.  I Joyfully Recommend Stray by Rachel Vincent.



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