South Beach Chicas Catch Their Man by Caridad Pineiro

Downtown Press


ISBN-10: 1416514899

ISBN-13: 978-1416514893

Reviewed by Barb




Sylvia Amenabar had the perfect single life. Mojitas and best friends who were also single Life was good. That is till several months ago when her three best started hooking up with sexy, hot men who seemed to know just what they each needed. Only problem is that Sylvia does not handle change well. As well she has some serious commitment issues thanks to being abandoned by her father.

Carlos Ramirez took a bullet for Sylvia. He is sexy, sweet and knows just what Sylvia needs. Getting Sylvia to realize it is the only problem.  He just has to get her to realize just how good he is for her.

South Beach Chicas Catch Their Man was fantastic. I had a smile the whole time I was reading. The supporting characters were drawn in wonderful detail and it seemed like visiting with friends and family. The sub-story of Sylvia’s parents was drawn with humor and tact. Both Sylvia and Carlos are dealing with life and love in their own ways, ways that make South Beach Chicas Catch Their Man a wonderful read, a read that I Joyfully Recommend.


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