No One But Madison by Doreen Orsini

Ellora’s Cave

Erotic BDSM

ISBN:  9781419919077

Reviewed by Talia Ricci


Madison Garrett is an undercover reporter for a magazine. Her cousin Rob wants her to go undercover into a bondage club in order to ferret out a rogue Master who is harming the female submissives that frequent the club. Agreeing to the job, Madison is angered to find out that the magazine's vice president, Drake Williams doesn't think she has what it takes to convince anyone that she is a sexual submissive. Madison pleads and promises that she can be a sexual submissive and that all she needs is training.  Madison doesn't know what she is asking; it seems that Drake is a sexual Dominant and wants to be the man to train her.

Drake Williams can't believe Madison Garrett is threatening to go into the bondage club on her own. Exacting a promise from her, he vows to train her to be a sex slave so that her cover isn't blown. Drake is counting on the fact that his instincts are correct; Madison secretly wants to be submissive to a Dominant and he is just the man for the job. Drake engages Madison on a five day journey into sexual submission and dominance. Just when Drake thinks he can break her and make her change her mind, Madison throws him for a loop and dreams of her being the perfect submissive begin to take place in his mind.

Things come to a crashing halt when one of Drake's lessons goes awry. While Drake is unable to stop her, Madison disregards his orders and sets out on her own to find the rogue Master – what she finds will make her world come to a crashing halt.

After reading No One But Madison by Doreen Orsini, I found myself sitting alone in complete silence and just thinking – thinking about the Dominant/submissive scenes in this book and the fact that they were so intense and real to me. No One But Madison took my breath away and consumed me at the same time. In-your-face intense with the right amount of tenderness, this book set me aflame. Drake was a harsh Master, but at the same time, never would he have harmed Madison.  Madison’s personality was not that of a typical ‘sub’.  With her fiery individuality and self-determination she was a bit harder to love. Sheer stubbornness coated her personality until the very moment she finally gave control over to Drake. When that happened, it was a beautiful sight to behold.

No One But Madison explored the BDSM scene with a no-holds-barred and unashamed look at the dangers from such a lifestyle, as well as the love that can grow between two people who trust each other. No One But Madison delivers a powerful emotional charge that I am still feeling hours after finishing it. No One But Madison made me hold my breath, wince, and even get teary eyed. I would not have missed it for the world and readers shouldn’t either.  I emphatically and joyfully recommend No One But Madison.  It is simply outstanding and belongs on a keeper shelf to be read over and over.




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