Noon by Katherine Warwick

Grove Creek Publishing


ISBN: 978-1933963990

Reviewed by Niki Lee



Nicole Dubois is a champion ballroom dancer in need of a partner.  In comes Breck Noon, a loner with a lot of potential.  As her family begins to love him, he starts to blossom, becoming a winner in his own right.  Until the night his abusive father takes it a step further.  Enraged that his son is a dancer, he beats him for days and then sets him to work in a construction site.

Once the Duboisí discover the truth, they take him into their home.  The familial love, as well as the growing feelings between the partners, allows Breck to become the man he is supposed to be.  And then the night that changes all of their lives happens, and Breck disappears.

Wow.  Noon was beautiful and heartbreaking.  The love between the Nicole and Breck is wonderful to watch and killer when it appears to end.  The abuse and evil characters are so well drawn, they gave me shivers.  I couldnít put Noon down and was emotional long after I finished.  A definite must-read for sentimental and cynical types alike.


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