Limited Light by Carla Williard

The Wild Rose Press

Inspirational Contemporary

ISBN: 1-60154-274-7

Reviewed by Tori


Marti Randolph, a successful financial adviser, has only one place to go after an office romance turns disastrous, her grandmotherís house in the small town of Madison, Texas.  Unfortunately, the rumors start to fly before she even gets to town, thanks to a co-worker trying to make trouble. 

Jim Bowman is the pastor of the local small church, he is praying for a traditional wife, one that makes chocolate chip cookies and stays home with the kids.  When he starts to fall for the untraditional Marti, who cannot cook at all, he worries about his choices.  As well, he is trying to convince the congregation that it is time to expand the church, but there are a few that oppose this change.  Will Jim and Marti be able to see past their hurts and to the person God has sent for each other?

Limited Light is full of wonderful characters with personalities and dreams.  Marti is smart and funny and even in her low moments never comes across as incapable, just hurt. Jimís ideas of the perfect family are sweet, and though they are a little dated made me smile.  Thankfully he accepts criticism well.  The side characters enriched the lives of the main characters and there are plenty of laughs because of them.  God is the center of all of their lives making Limited Light a true inspirational story, and that is why I Joyfully Recommend it.



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