In the Beginning by F.D. Davis

A Vampire Series, Book 1

Parker Publishing

Paranormal, Vampire

ISBN-10: 1600430171

ISBN-13: 978-1600430176

Reviewed by Indy


A fallen priest who gave up his mortality for the woman he loved Adam Omega hasnít know such a deep connection since his beloved Eyanna decided death was more welcoming than living with a creature such as himself. With the ability to walk in the sun, Adam has inspired a legion of those whom not only envy his power but fear his greatness. Nothing could have prepared Adam for Eve. A woman with the spirit of his long dead wife, who calls to his soul and causes him to break every rule heís lived his immortal life by.  

As Eve struggles to come to terms with the wealthy vampire who makes obsession seem like a simple word, Adamís enemies plot to use his one weakness against him, his love/hate relationship with Eve the only being with the power to cripple him. The resolve of a vampire will be tested by the woman who is powerful in her own right and unwilling to allow even the strongest of vampires to bend her to his will. 

In a series sure to rival some of the best vampire lore available, the all consuming love of an immortal will send one human woman to the brink of madness. In the Beginning is ,as it states, the inception of the love story of Adam Omega and Eve. Eve is a human woman who i has the spirit of Adamís wife but with a personality of her own. With a strength that far outweighs her predecessorís, Eve refuses to give in the lull of Adam without a fight. Using her own gifts she brings an excitement to Adamís world that he never foresaw in his wildest dreams.

F.D. Davis created a being that Iím sure will leave readers with more ill feelings than not. Abusive in his treatment of Eve because of a deep-rooted anger he still harbors for his dead wife and the refusal of Eve to come to him easily, Adam on more than one occasion made me pause. Not in a good way either! This is not a gentle love story filled with wooing and passionate embraces. It is however a battle of wills between to people, a powerful vampire and Eve a woman who with her keen mind and body withstands what would send the average woman to her demise.

In between getting to know each other and fighting to stay on top these two actually fall in love. A love laced with fear, danger and threat but one just as strong as the two beings sharing it. F.D. Davis did a phenomenal job of stepping outside the norm and bringing to light a tale that captivates and tantalizes. I look forward to the next installment because like most exceptional series the final scene leaves you anxiously wondering what will come next. For digging deep inside her creative soul and providing readers with a story that forces you outside your comfort zone, I Joyfully Recommend In the Beginning as a Decemberís Recommended Read.



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