Immortal Seduction by ME Monte

Torquere Press

Fantasy M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60370-466-3

Reviewed by Lisa


The Agency for Afterlife Activity is a mouthful of a title but the souls involved, the Retrievers, aid humanity in ways beyond our understanding.

Darren Cox is an experienced, no nonsense Retriever who prefers to work alone because of his own internal issues..  He was a government sniper/killer when he was alive and now in the afterlife Darren sends demons loose from hell to their own form of tortuous ever after.

The youngest member of the three Retriever teams is nineteen year old Tanner Simms and something of an enigma.  Tanner has some special skills and knowledge in defeating demons.  Only Tanner and his boss know what he is truly capable of.

Darren, the confirmed heterosexual is paired up with Tanner, the virgin and they have absolutely nothing in common with each other.  Why is it then that Tanner feels that he needs to be with Darren every minute of every day?  For that matter, Darren canít take his eyes off Tanner whenever heís around and worries about Tanner when heís not there.  Darren and Tanner are learning the hard way that chemistry can lead to a miracle or hell in the afterlife.

Totally in a world all its own, Immortal Seduction is something special.  An original, refreshingly distinct story about two souls living life between heaven and hell, while trying to make a difference for those souls still alive.  Immortal Seduction is a character driven, emotional awakening with several steamy erotic interludes along the way.  I had a wonderful time learning to care for Darren and cheer for every little victory Tanner achieved.  Unique, suspenseful and thoroughly entertaining, I Joyfully Recommend Immortal Seduction!



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