Driven by Desire by Luann McLane

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ISBN-10: 045122504X

ISBN-13: 978-0451225047

Reviewed by Emma



Alexia Spencer and Jayden Michaels were high school sweethearts. Jayden loved motocross racing almost as much as he loved Alexia, he did not however want to choose between the two loves of his life. Not even a near-fatal accident could stop him from racing.

Alexia asked Jayden to stop racing before it killed him. He chose racing, leaving Alexia heartbroken and alone.

Ten years have come and gone. Alexia and Jayden have moved on with their lives. They have not forgotten each other and what they each meant to each other. Could they rebuild the love they lost? Or has too much time and pain flowed under the bridges of their lives?

Driven by Desire is a forceful and superb look at lost love found. I found myself wanting Alexia and Jayden to realize they still loved each other and had never forgotten or gotten over each other. I was pulling for them to talk and figure out they were what each other needed. Ms. McLane has written a story that looks at how life can, in one instance, go totally in a different direction than what one expects and how people can grow in different directions while still keeping their basic selves. I totally enjoyed Driven by Desire and Joyfully Recommend it.


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