Caging Kat by Kayleigh Jamison

Tease Publishing

Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 978-1-934678-83-1

Reviewed by Shayna



Year after year, Kaitlin receives an invitation to a masquerade, and each year she ignores the mysterious invite.  But when her house burns down in a freak accident, the professional thief decides that the masked ball would be the perfect way to snatch some jewelry for her rainy day fund.  What Kat doesn’t count on is running into an ancient Greek god every bit as cunning as she.  Ares, the Greek god of war, has a challenge for her.  Steal an ancient diamond that is hidden somewhere in the house.  If Kat finds the diamond, he’ll grant her one wish.  But if Ares wins, he gets Kat.  She has until dawn to find it…and no one ever said he’d fight fair.

There are few things better than watching a battle of one-upsmanship between two skilled opponents.  Caging Kat is an engaging thrill of a read with two cagey characters I found to be fascinating and fun.  Ares is a meltingly sexy hero.  He’s the bold god of war in mythology, but he also has the ability to be devilishly sly while keeping to his own code of honor.  He made me grin even as he brought a flush to my cheeks.  Kat is crafty and confident which makes her a well-matched counterpart to the ancient deity.  When going up against one another, in any respect, sparks practically fly off the page.

I Joyfully Recommend Caging Kat.  It’s fast, fun, and hot enough to burn.  This is the first story I read by Kayleigh Jamison and it definitely won’t be the last.  Wickedly delightful!


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