Bond of Darkness by Diane Whiteside

Berkley Sensation


ISBN: 978-0425-223543

Reviewed by Willow



Texas Ranger Steve (Stephanie) Reynolds needs help finding a killer. Unexplained deaths of healthy young women are becoming entirely too numerous. And the only man she really trusts, is the only man she knows of, who could have committed the crimes. 

Ethan Templeton is the military leader to the most powerful vampire in Texas. He has his hands full protecting his patron, his patronís love interest and keeping rival vampireís out of Texas. Now it looks like Steveís case is linked with his search for his patronís enemies.

Ethan and Steve have been lovers (off and on) for 15 years. Ethan would love to spend all of eternity with Steve, but he will be executed if he breaks his patronís laws and turns her. He is contemplating the end of their relationship when circumstances force him to make a choice. He is more than willing to accept the consequences in order to save the woman he loves. 

I love Diane Whiteside and she hasnít disappointed me yet. Bond of Darkness is the latest in Ms. Whitesideís Texas Vampires series. Her world of vampires is complicated, intriguing and sexy.  Just the kind of story to draw you in and keep you there. Ethan and Steve are so captivating, I couldnít pull myself away from them. I even got teary a couple of times. A definite keeper. I Joyfully Recommend Bond of Darkness.



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