Undercover by Lauren Dane
Berkley Heat
Futuristic, Erotic, Ménage, BDSM
ISBN: 0425224643
Reviewed by Jo




Sera Ayers is a lieutenant of the Federation Military. She worked her way up by blood, sweat and determination after a rough break up that almost consumed her. Sera was given her own unit to command until she is called in to find not only was her unit taken away but she is being assigned to the one person Sera hoped to never see again.

Ash Walker is from one of the main Families and was forced to walk away from Sera in order to make a political marriage. Ash has never forgotten how lovingly Sera submitted to him nor how proudly she walked away from him long ago. Since then his marriage has crumbled and he has put his life into the Federation Military. Now the Imperialists are striking and Ash is putting together a covert team to crack their informants.

Brandt Pela is also from a powerful family, is Ash’s best friend and also works with him in the Federation military. It is Brandt that pulls Sera’s name based on her military records and only then does he learn just who Sera is. Once Brandt meets Sera, he sees for himself immediately just how much she was affected by the past. Their team needs the best and Brandt knows that is Sera based on her reactions to the transfer. Brandt becomes the logical thinking member of the group and most importantly the third party bridge that both Ash and Sera can use to get over the hurts of the past.

Sera is still overwhelmed by her continued feelings for Ash and his rugged looks. If that doesn’t complicate matters enough, she also feels an instant passion for Brandt and his elegant sensuality. Their mission means that she will have to be Brandt’s lover and at the very least extremely friendly with Ash. As their investigation goes on, the shock concerning the traitors behind the danger and violence becomes very real and close to home.  It is going to take Sera, Ash, Brandt and every bit of trust and passion that exists between them to complete their mission and come out with a future for them all.

Holy Smokes was my reaction upon completing Undercover. The relationship between Sera, Ash and Brandt is everything you could hope and wish for in a threesome. The way they could do their very important jobs and still have the passionate play afterwards told me just what they had between them. At first, I was surprised that Sera and Ash could get past the painful past but I discovered that Brandt gave them the bit of space needed to go forward. Erotic and hotter than anything describes this threesome, but they were also sensual which added a huge amount of depth. I also loved that all three of them had no problem talking about what they felt and what the others meant to them. The danger and intrigue that followed them added an extra touch of spice that kept me up all night because I had to know what was next. There were a couple of places where the interaction even gave me goosebumps. I’m supposed to say what my opinion is of the books I review, so my opinion of Undercover is that you should be in line at your favorite bookstore the day it comes out. In other words, it is a Recommended Read for me, one I plan on reading over and over again.


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