One for the Money by Willa Okati

Taboo, Book 1

Torquere Chaser

M/M, Twincest

ISBN: 978-1-60370-210-2, 1-60370-210-5

Reviewed by Raine


Heath left school and family behind to follow his twin brother in the rodeo circuit. Where Heath is more personable, Vanner comes off as standoffish. Heath has never let on to Vanner, his twin, that he prefers men. He’s kept a low profile since he and Vanner quit sharing private feelings. But when Heath gets hit on at an event, Vanner witnesses it and intervenes, leaving Heath wondering if Vanner is being a protective brother or if he’s actually witnessing jealousy…..

After not confiding into each other for quite some time, Heath and Vanner begin to discover things about each other again. One for the Money is an incredible beginning into the revelations they make about each other. I Joyfully Recommend Willa Okati’s Taboo series and urge you to get them all.



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