My Prerogative by Sasha White

Berkley Heat

Erotic Contemporary

ISBN: (10) 042522340X (13) 978-0425223406

Reviewed by Amelia


Bartender Kelsey Howard is a bad girl, and she’s not ashamed to admit it. She enjoys casual sex, and although she won’t admit it to herself, she’d like something a little more permanent, with someone who understands her need for risky behavior. One night when Kelsey’s all alone, she realizes she’s being watched. And she likes it.

Harlan Shaw is stunned when he sees the beautiful woman pleasuring herself, stunned and aroused. He lets her know he’s there, and savors the fact that it arouses her as much as it does him.

Kelsey is intrigued by the man, and she puts on several shows for him before inviting him over. And then the real fireworks begin.

Sasha White has soared to the top of my to-buy list. My Prerogative is a highly-charged sexual romp that doesn’t skimp on the emotions. The characters are so real that I felt as if they were part of my circle of friends, and I liked them.

Kelsey is not ashamed to be herself, and that endeared her to me so much. She makes no excuses for herself, and lets Harlan know up front. The way these two fit together was perfect, and I was very sorry to read the last page, because that meant it was over.

The sex in this novel is beyond hot, and the emotions are very real. I’m now on the hunt for other books of Ms. White. Lovers of erotic romance will savor every last word of My Prerogative. I know I did.



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