Faceless by Debra Webb

St. Martin

Contemporary Suspense  

ISBN: 0312942249

Reviewed by Tori


Deputy District Attorney, Carson Tanner has come a long way from the troublemaker he was 15 years ago, but he has never truly gotten over the murder of his family.  Thankfully, his ex-girlfriend’s father took Carson under his wing and helped to shape him into the man known as “The Avenger.”  When a man confesses to the murder of Carson’s Family, it leads him to the truth that nothing is, as it seems.

Annette Baxter is a street-smart beauty and she uses her wits to help the rich and powerful fix their problems in exchange for security and influence.  Now someone is using her secrets against her and she has information that Carson needs to know before it is too late.

Faceless is another masterpiece by Debra Webb.  There is a reason that people wait anxiously for her next book to come out.  Complicated characters and plot lines are well maintained throughout the story.  I honestly could not even begin to guess at the identity of the killer until it was revealed.    Faceless demands your attention and it haunts you until the last page.




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