Zombie Jack by Samantha Winston
Loose Id
Romantic Comedy, Paranormal, Suspense
ISBN: 978-1-59632-562-3
Reviewed by Jambrea




Jack Severn is a zombie with a mission.  He needs to find out how he died, why he is back and who brought him back.  Freshly raised from the grave, Jack stumbles into the place he was murdered and is convinced to become a stripper.

Brianna Henley is an ex-police officer whose dead boyfriend is back.  A year ago she witnessed her boyfriendís murder at a local dance club.  Now she runs into Jack during his audition to become a stripper.  Brianna thinks it must be some kind of joke because there is no way Jack could be back.

After the shock wears off, Jack and Brianna are determined to find out what is going on.   Along the way the two gather a motley crew of friends to help stop the killer.

Zombie Jack started off funny.  It was probably wrong of me, but the first sentence, ďHis arm fell off, againĒ made me laugh.  Of course, picturing a zombie stripping just makes me laugh. Samantha Winston kept me on my toes with the suspense aspect of this book.  She did a wonderful job of keeping me guessing and throwing in a couple twist and turns along the way.  Ms. Winstonís characters are well thought out and wonderfully neurotic!  I felt for poor Brianna and laughed at the same time.  I was right there with Brianna in trying to get over the ick factor of a zombie having sex, but Ms. Winston has a way of making it believable, wonderful and sexy all at the same time.  

All in all, Zombie Jack was a wonderful read and Iím Joyfully Recommending this book and canít wait for more from Ms. Winston.


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