Wing and Tongue by K.Z. Snow
Ellora’s Cave
M/F, M/M, Fantasy
ISBN: 9781419912337
Reviewed by Raine




Elrisa dreams of being the first lady inducted as a Dragon Caller into The Order of the Wing and Tongue. While that dream seems unattainable, she receives a message that one of the Order wishes to wed her. She must pass two tests in order for this marriage to proceed. The first, Elrisa must bed three men separately in one day, the one who’s chosen her and two others from the Order. She will not be told who is pursuing her. If Elrisa manages to select her suitor, then she must demonstrate building skills to prove her worthy of becoming a Dragon Caller’s wife.

At 18, Elrisa had the most erotic sexual encounter of her life. All other sexual interludes pale in comparison to this one amazing night years ago. She must make a choice, will she choose to be the wife of an Order member simply to hold a higher rank in the kingdom or will she choose the passion her soul yearns for?

This story will rouse a passel of emotions. I caught myself grinning, frowning, and weeping happy years at the character exchanges. K.Z. Snow’s story teaches a lesson in love. Elrisa and the story’s hero have such an intense passion that you’ll burn with them. While this is mainly a m/f fantasy romance, there is one m/m erotic encounter towards the end that’s almost a ménage. I Joyfully Recommend Wing and Tongue, I absolutely loved this book and I think you will too!


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