Two Out of Three Ain't Bad by K.Z. Snow
Cerridwen Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 9781419913372
Reviewed by Ley




Glenna Rose was satisfied with her life. She's a professor at a prestigious college, she's engaged to be married, and she's on the left side of 40. So what if the college was so conservative that the staff's behavior was constantly scrutinized. So what if her fiancé was the chairman of her department, and was more than a tad bit on the dull side. So what if she was pushing forty, her life was still satisfying. That's what Glenna believed, until she met Dillinger and Matt.

A secret engagement party, planned by her more outgoing sister found Glenna sitting in a strip club falling instantly in lust with Dillinger, the sexiest man she has ever seen. As if Dillinger wasn't enough of a temptation, she's now finding herself drawn to Matt, the young professor she's mentoring at the college.  Matt quickly becomes an important part of Glenna's life as she confides to him her attraction to Dillinger, and looks to him for advice.

Two Out of Three Ain't Bad, has everything I like in a romance, a beautiful but modest leading lady whom I liked from page one, and a gorgeous sexy guy (in this case two of them) who finds her irresistible.  Along with the additional perks of an outspoken sister, crazy girlfriends, and an authoritative, boring fiancé whom I couldn't wait to see get the boot made this a fun read for me.  Bravo to K. Z. Snow for writing such a fun, sweet, sensual, and extremely enjoyable love story that is definitely a recommended read.


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