Treating Ty by Bobby Michaels
Follow Up to The Veteran
Loose Id
M/M, paranormal, contemporary, series
ISBN: 978-1-59632-063-5
Reviewed by Raine




Ty grew up without much love and coming from a rough background. All that on top of being dismissed from the corps, his one true love, for being gay. After meeting Tim and his gentle loving way, Tyís hurt and anger starts to heal. But there are still a lot of things he missed growing up and Tim has just the solution to try and fix having missed Halloween as a child.

Bobby Michaels does an excellent job in a small space of time of pulling us into these menís world to give a glimpse of a truly loving couple. Join these men as their story continues from The Veteran and Tim helps Ty heal another hole from his past. I loved Treating Ty, not only is it erotic, but itís also tender and lovingÖ.what more could you ask for?


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