Tilting Rose by Viola Grace
eXtasy Books
Historical with a touch of Fantasy
ISBN: 1-55410-981-7
Reviewed by Tanya




Rose survives the plague while her brother and mother do not, something her father seems to hold against her.  Her father is devastated that he lost his son and will not accept this fact, sinking into another reality where he sees Rose as his son.  Rose ends up training as a knight and even takes on tournaments to make the necessary monies to keep the lands she has known since birth.  She acts as both her brother and herself around her father but finds that it is best to just act as the “little lord” to keep his caustic remarks and deeds away. 

After a particularly grueling series of tournaments where she finally has enough for the taxes, she returns home to find her father has promised Rose in marriage to a lord she does not remember meeting.  What she doesn’t know is that Lord Osgood is enchanted by Rose and in fact was the first time he faced her in a tournament.  Rose is surprised how attracted she is to this man and doesn’t know how he will be able to accept who she has become, especially as she is not versed in many of the “ladies” tasks of the time.  The fact that Osgood has some elf in his background and that he is known to many of her closest advisors might just pave the way for this marriage.

Tilting Rose is the latest Viola Grace story that I find I must make a Recommended Read.  This story not only shows the courage of women and good people, but also that love will come to those who deserve it and are willing to take the chances necessary to achieve it.  Ms. Grace has skillfully wound the story of survival and dedication with the finding of true love.  I loved to see how all of the townsfolk were her staunchest supporters – willing to do what was necessary to keep Rose’s secret.  Tilting Rose is a must for those who like just a touch of faerie in their historical romances.  I look forward for more stories in this genre from Ms. Grace.


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