Swift of Heart by Janet Davies
Cerridwen Press
Suspenseful Romance/Sci-Fi
ISBN: 9781419908255
Reviewed by Tanya




What would you do if you opened your front door to find the man you loved more than anything else?  If you are Stephanie Hart, you slam it in his face. He is also the man who disappeared without even a note a year ago.  Stephanie figures that after a year of eating her body weight in chocolate, it is the least he deserves.  Mackinley Swift, Mac to his friends, expected no less than the greeting he got.  But he has come back for a specific reason—to convince the woman he loves he had no choice but disappear, and that he is back for good.

You see Mac is from another dimension…yeah right.  But suddenly a few things happen that make Stephanie wonder if he just might be telling the truth.   Add this information to the fact that she still can’t resist Mac and knows that he is the only man who will ever dig that far into her heart and you will need to hang on for a bumpy ride.

When Mac and Stephanie find out that Mac’s #1 enemy is not dead back in his dimension but in fact has followed Mac to this one, and intends to harm Stephanie, Mac will do whatever it takes to keep his love safe.

Swift of Heart is a suspenseful romance with a little dimensional travel thrown in.  It is not very often that you find an author not only willing to write about a woman who is not a size 6, but who is smart, opinionated and not afraid to show those opinions.  I found myself enchanted with Stephanie Hart from the beginning of the book and that thought didn’t change as the story progressed.  Ms. Davies did a wonderful job in setting up the premise for the story as well as giving the reader a look into the minds of both main characters.  I was almost disappointed when the story was finished, as I had grown to enjoy the characters that much. Then I saw that there is a follow up book and I am now rushing out to get it.  I have to say that Swift of Heart is one Recommended Read you won’t want to miss.


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