Pet Sitting by Syd McGinley
Torquere Press
Reviewed by Beth Anne




John Fell is working oh his doctorate degree when his old friend Ben asks him a favor.  Ben needs to leave town unexpectedly, and is hesitant to do so without leaving his boy under supervision.  Seems Ben’s boy, Charlie (affectionately known hereafter as Twink) is a recovering addict but his detox is too recent to be trusted alone.  Ben sweetens the offer with a month free room and board, groceries, Twink’s cooking and cleaning.   John hesitates at accepting the offer due to his own personal loss and grief, but accepts the deal when strict guidelines about Twink’s sexual gratification are outlined.

Pet Sitting gives us the point of view from the dominant perspective and the inner discipline and strength John finds to be able to help Twink during his Master’s absence.  I enjoyed the story of John Fell and his mission of retraining Twink while still mourning the loss of his own boy and am looking forward to further adventures of Dr. Fell.  (Almost made me want to be a bad-boy-in-need-of-training!)


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