For the Love of Jazz by Shiloh Walker
Samhain Publishing
Romantic Suspense
ISBN: 1-59998-675-2
Reviewed by Gracie




Jasper ‘Jazz’ McNeil, is coming home to raise his daughter and confront his past and the tragic death of his best friend, Alex. Jazz has changed in many ways since he left town, but some things never change like his guilt over Alex’s death and his feelings for Anne-Marie, Alex’s sister.

Anne-Marie Kincaid has loved Jazz McNeil since the first day she saw him. She cannot believe that Jazz is to blame for Alex’s death, even though she was told that it was his fault. Anne-Marie cannot believe that Jazz is back in town.

Jazz is surprised, to say the least, when he takes his daughter to the local doctor and finds Anne-Marie standing in front of him. All the memories and pain from his past rush back and Jazz wonders if coming home was the right choice.  Anne-Marie knows she is going to pursue her feelings for Jazz as she simply cannot imagine him in her life. Jazz’s appearance back in town fuels someone’s hate, and the people who are close or connected to him begin to die. Jazz realizes that he needs to find out what really happened the night Alex died before he looses anyone else he cares about.  Will Jazz be able to settle his past so that he can focus on his very promising future?

For the Love of Jazz is an outstanding read!! Jazz McNeil has spent his life haunted by his past and the part he felt that he played in Alex’s death. He lost everything that day. Jazz is a good man who is overcome by circumstance.  Anne-Marie has always loved Jazz, and she is just the woman to help him figure out his past. I loved watching Anne-Marie and Jazz find each other after all those years. For the Love of Jazz is an emotional and very sexy read filled with strong amazing characters that I had a hard time leaving when the story was done.  Shiloh Walker knows how to write stories that pull her readers in and won’t let them go. For the Love of Jazz is an absolute must read!!


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