Deviations: Bondage by Chris Owen and Jodi Payne
Deviations, Book 4
Torquere Press
Contemporary Gay BDSM
ISBN: 978-1-60370-196-9, 1-60370-196-6
Reviewed by Cheryl




Back from their Parisian vacation, things couldn't be better for Tobias and his submissive, Noah.  With a new open-ended contract, plans to move in together, and an intense emotional connection that transcends their D/s relationship, the pair is more stable and centered than ever.

For Phantom, Tobias' former submissive and now Noah's close friend, things are spinning out of control.  While making real progress in therapy for childhood issues that caused his split with Tobias, Phan is now forced to make some difficult decisions that could profoundly affect Tobias and Noah. Will Tobias and Noah have the strength, yet again, to take their relationship beyond its limits and come out stronger for it?

Knowing Deviations: Bondage was the final installment of a four book series with which I am completely and utterly in love, I had very high expectations.  With Deviations: Bondage Chris Owen and Jodi Payne most unexpectedly gave me everything I secretly wished for.  All I can say is just, Yay!!

Ms. Owen and Ms. Payne never fail to astound me.  Their stories are filled with rich, authentic characters and real emotional depth.  The blistering hot sex only adds to the intensity of the story.

One of my favorite things about the Deviations books is the different levels of Tobias and Noah's relationship and their exploration of roles.  Theirs is not simply a straight Dominant/submissive bond.  They have evolved into much more.  Tobias' yielding to Noah is further explored with sizzling hot scenes, while at the same time their innate connection flourishes and grows.

The captivating Phan shines ever brighter here.  I have been fascinated with him since he first licked Tobias' boots in book one.  It's his emotional struggle and his seemingly limitless cheek that makes me want to snuggle him up and keep him safe.

For me though, Noah is the true star of Deviations: Bondage.  His growth over the four books is amazing.  Noah's inner strength and belief in Tobias' love leaves me breathless.  He has truly blossomed under Tobias' hand to an astonishing depth.

Emotionally charged and intensely erotic, Deviations: Bondage is a satisfying journey of love.  I can't recommend this book, and the Deviations series, enough!!  They are an absolute must read!


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