Catís Eyes by Lynne Connolly
Department 57
Loose Id
Polyamorous Shape-shifter Paranormal Suspense
ISBN: 978-1-59632-573-9
Reviewed by Jo




Silje Nordstrom, a Norwegian cat shape shifter, has just transferred to the New York office of Department 57 and is beginning her life all over again Ė literally.  As an experienced Talent, Silje is given a new case to work on Ė a designer drug being distributed out of a sex club that isnít good for Talents.  Silje comes from an old fashioned and sexually strict family so just walking into the male strip club is unusual for her.  Her blood really heats up as she watches the main attraction.

Devante and Aristides are Brazilian shape shifters who have come to New York to find out who is developing and selling the drug.  Their act is hot, hot, hot. They seem to only see each other as they dance and seduce on stage, but looks can be deceiving.  Devante and Aristides never mingle like the other acts, but after spotting Silje they make sure she and her friends know about their extra activities. 

Devante and Aristides agree to do a private dance for Silje, only they discover that they are all seeking the same thing, just from different angles and for different reasons.  That night Silje discovers that there are many sides to Devante, Aristides and herself.  Now they are all working together with her team, they have to decide who is telling the truth and how the club fits into the selling of drugs.  Silje has even more to work on, like how two men she just met can mean so much to her and what it will mean for all of them.  When betrayal happens and Devante is hurt, Silje must make a decision - one that could deal an ending blow to the lovers.

Catís Eyes is seductive and scorching hot. Now that I have that out of the way I will tell you how I really feltÖ Being a follower of the Department 57 stories, I have waited for Siljeís story and Iím so glad she was given mates that brought out her sensual nature.  Devante and Aristides were lovers before they came to New York but they immediately seemed to know that Silje would complete them in a way that would bring them all to a level of happiness none of them had known before.  Devante and Aristides are comfortable with themselves and are determined to help Silje not only with her case but with understanding just what they have.  Unlike the previous Department 57 stories, Catís Eyes focused more on Silje finding and discovering just how naturally sensuous she was rather than the actual ops. 

I read Catís Eyes in one sitting and my only disappointment was when I turned the last page and found the end of the story. The final bonding had me holding my breath and hoping for them. Catís Eyes is one of those books that gives you shivers, the good kind, with characters that were warm and loving, even while completing an ops that could have cost them everything.  I loved Ms. Connellyís latest addition to her Department 57 books and I can say nothing more except that for me Catís Eyes is Joyfully Recommended. 


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