Beautiful Samurai, White Tiger by Sedonia Guillone
Torquere Press
Gay Mystery
ISBN: 978-1-60370-153-2, 1-60370-152-3
Reviewed by Beth Anne




I might watch more of the Cop shows on TV if they included the eroticism and love between Japanese Police Inspector Toshiro Genjin and his American partner John Holmes.  Sedonia Guillone continues the love story between Toshi and John that began in ďHis Beautiful SamuraiĒ with this mystery of missing persons, Japanese mobsters, mysterious teachings of the Temple of the White Tiger, and Johnís psychic gifts.

Disapproving family members, emotional blackmail, loversí insecurities, and the bindings of unconditional love and trust and much more are written with compassion and sincerity.  In this sequel, Toshiís world is rocked when an old family secret is disclosed regarding his much respected, trusted, and loved Uncle Musashi.  John and Toshi are pulled into a possible kidnapping case and undercover work posing as themselves in the Japanese Gay Community where the Temple of the White Tiger is located.

In Beautiful Samurai, White Tiger even the short duration of Toshi and Johnís relationship is believable.  The passion they share is sexy and hot, but tender as well.  I particularly enjoyed, Toshiís continued issues of trying to restrain himself, rather than what he saw as attacking his partner.  Johnís psychic gifts are a little scary sometimes, but his complete loyalty, love and surrender to Toshi were steadfast elements throughout the story.  A definite recommended read!


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