All In by Kate Willoughby
Be-Wished series, Book 1
Elloraís Cave
ISBN: 9781419912429
Reviewed by Gracie




Mariah Hughes has her life on track.  She owns a successful business, Chocolate Fantasies, enjoys her work, and has great friends.  The only thing that is missing is a good man.  Little does Mariah know that a drunken wish made on a bracelet while on vacation is going to change her life.

I.C. Tucker is a professional gambler and he is very good at what he does.  Tuck enjoys his life and finds himself in Las Vegas best man at his best friendís wedding.  He is very surprised when he bumps into Mariah, a woman he shared a one night stand with, knocking on his best friendís door.

Mariah did not really believe Davina Traherne when she said she had been sent to grant Mariah her wish, especially when she remembered exactly what her wish involved.  Davina tells Mariah she has only forty-eight hours to enjoy her wish.  When Mariah shows up at her new clientís door only to find her wish standing there.  Mariah and Tuck feel the same attraction they felt when they shared that one amazing night.  Before either knows what is happening, they find themselves reliving their past memories.  Mariah realizes that her feelings for Tuck are real, but is he just reacting to her wish?  Will Mariah and Tuck find true happiness or will it all disappear after her wish expires?

All In was an excellent read!  Mariah is a nice woman who has everything that she really needs.  She loves her job and her friends, if only she could get Tuck out of her mind.  Tuck is a very sexy man who enjoys his life and he just wants to help his best friend have a great wedding.  The sexual attraction between Mariah and Tuck is intense and I loved watching them find out exactly what their true feelings were.  Kate Willoughby writes fun, sexy, and plain and simply enjoyable stories.  All In reminds us be careful what you wish for because you may just be lucky enough to get it. 


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