A Summer Place by Ariel Tachna
m/m Historical Romance
ISBN: 978-0-9795048-5-3/978-0-9795048-4-6
Reviewed by Raine




The Mount Desert Islanders have a murderer among them. After a quarrel in a very public place, Philip Hall is in danger. In a moment of anger Philip argued with the man his lover cheated with, making his lifestyle public knowledge. Now his ex is dead and Philip’s friends fear for his life.

Contracted to build cottages for the wealthy, Nicolas Wells has been coming to Mount Desert Island for years. Sheriff Shawn Parnell asks Nicolas to take on Philip knowing the construction site is a controlled atmosphere. The sheriff knows Nicolas tries to hire locals whenever possible to fill the jobs. This way Philip will be with others constantly and will be watched over. Understanding all too well what Philip is going through Nicolas agrees. In all the years he’s spent working on the island, he has always kept his company preference secret. What he doesn’t bargain for in taking on Philip is the instant overwhelming attraction between them and how he’s going to keep their interactions on a strictly professional level.

Nicolas Wells is a strong person in body and mind. He’s a man who leads by example, is well liked and respected by all. Philip Hall has worked very hard to get where he is and he refuses to let anyone run him from the home he’s made.

A Summer Place was excellently written I really felt like I knew the people in this story. I felt their storm of emotions…anxiety, sadness, fear, love and passion. A Summer Place has a great plot of suspense and sexual tension, balanced out with the right amount of hot intense man love. I loved Ariel Tachna’s romantic historical and highly recommended reading it.


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