A Slave’s Way Out by C. A. Salo
Whiskey Creek Press
Torrid Romance Science Fiction
EBook format ISBN: 978-1-60313-051-6
Trade paperback ISBN: 978-1-60313-050-9
Reviewed by Indy




As a human who’d managed to evade the Ligers hunting her for her gift of sight, Catrin Munroe, a Navy fighter pilot, finds herself making one fatal mistake. On the brink of being captured she decides to test fate and her powers of perception by trusting a hulking green-eyed mercenary. Niko decides to play with the cute little human, unsure what she is up to but willing to play anyway. After a quick game of chicken that finds Catrin on her knees servicing him, Niko decides he will keep her as his new sex slave. A word that seems to send Catrin into a fit but one that leads to some of the best compromises either could hope for. As Catrin and Niko learn to trust each other, the politics of his dominant species and Catrin’s engrained sense of independence will have to meet somewhere in the middle because there are more important issues at hand as the group of aliens searching for her decide to make one last stand.

Catrin is just the type of sub every dominant male needs to experience at least once in life. In A Slave’s Way Out she is a heroine overflowing with spirit and the fact that she’s a skilled fighter pilot just adds to her appeal. Niko went from being inflexible to a teddy bear once his heart and soul was engaged. In a story that has as much as action as it does flaming trysts, I have to admit the humorous tug of wars between Niko and Catrin is what I found most attractive. There’s nothing that captures my mind more than lovers who can still laugh, smile and play together in the heat of the moment as well as out of it. C.A. Salo has outdone herself and I trust this is only the beginning of a bookshelf overflowing with sexy sci-fi treats. I hope there will be a story showcasing Trea and Daniel since their characters made such a lasting impression and added to what was already an outstanding read which I definitely recommend to the masses.


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