A Seduction in Scarlet by Sara Bennett
Historical Romance
ISBN: 978-0-06-133634-8
Reviewed by Annmarie




Revered by the entire country for her status as the widow of a national hero, Lady Portia Ellerslie longs for passion.  As a confidante to Queen Victoria, Portia cannot risk her reputation.  If even a hint of scandal touches Portia, she will be ruined but the need for a physical relationship drives Portia to take risks.  With the help of her maid, Portia visits a luxurious brothel in disguise to spend one night of passion with the man of her choice.

The man Portia chooses isnít a stranger; he is Marcus Worthorne.  As a girl, Portia was secretly infatuated with Marcus.  Although their affair has been limited to one night, Marcus desires so much more from his mysterious lover and canít give her up.

A Seduction in Scarlet is red hot!  The sexual tension between Portia and Marcus is intense.  Be prepared to wiggle.  Although this romance is sumptuously sensual, A Seduction in Scarlet it is much more than a sizzling read!  Sara Bennett has written a fully developed and beautiful love story.  I recommend Sara Bennettís A Seduction in Scarlet.   


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