Wicked Ties by Shayla Black
Berkley Heat
BDSM/Erotic Romance
ISBN: 0-425-21361-7
Reviewed by Cheryl

Life is a bit chaotic for Morgan O'Malley.  Trying to shake a crazed stalker, she has quietly relocated halfway across the country.  As the host of a popular late-night adult talk show, Morgan is excited and working hard on her second season.  She is not about to let said stalker get in her way. 

Chatting online with the charming and seductive Master J, Morgan thinks she has found the right person to help her research for the upcoming Dominant/submissive episode.  After a background check, she agrees to meet him...for research purposes only, of course.  The meeting has absolutely nothing to do with Master J tapping into Morgan's deepest, darkest fantasies or her very wet panties!

Bodyguard Jack Cole was wronged in the past by someone close to Morgan, and he is bent on revenge.  Though he doesn't want to hurt Morgan, her complete sexual submission would fit perfectly into his vindictive plans.  During their first face-to-face interview Jack, as Master J, knows his plan is working.  Although Morgan may say otherwise, her body doesn't lie.  A little personal experience is exactly what she needs to understand the D/s dynamic.  Jack may have a few misgivings about using Morgan, but he is really just giving her what she truly desires.  How could ultimate pleasure be bad?

Before the two can make any plans, their appointment is interrupted by a mysterious package and then gun fire!  Morgan's stalker has found her yet again.  Jack's training kicks in, and he speeds the reluctant Morgan out of harm's way.  Safely ensconced in his remote cabin, Morgan finds herself irresistibly drawn to Jack's commanding attitude, and he discovers that she is more than just an attractive pawn.  Is Morgan truly ready to face her shameful desires and submit?  Will Jack be able to make her darkest fantasy a reality?  Can Jack protect Morgan from looming danger, even when it's her heart that's in peril?

Wicked Ties is a deliciously kinky and naughty thriller that I devoured in one sitting!  Cleverly balancing plot and erotic heat, Shayla Black has penned a satisfying tale of suspense and sexual awakening.  Morgan is a strong woman who's uncomfortable with her sexual desires.  Smart and mouthy, she provides the perfect foil to Jack, and never makes it easy for him.  Jack is simply luscious!  Attractive, charming, and in charge, he is just what I want in a hero.  Even though I wanted to hate him, he was just too irresistible.  As a fan of BDSM stories, the fantasy played out in Wicked Ties left me spellbound and begging for more.  For lovers of blazing hot erotic romance, I can't recommend Wicked Ties enough!    



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