Vamps and the City by Kerrelyn Sparks
Book 2 in the Love at Stake Series
Avon Books
Vampire Romance
ISBN: 0-06-075201-7
Reviewed by Georgia

Although some people might enjoy the benefits of being a vampire (can you say live forever and superhuman strength?), Darcy Newhart did not.  Four years ago, she lost her job, her family, and her freedom (not to mention her life) when she was turned without her consent.  Yet things are looking up.  Now that Roman Draganesti, the Master of the harem to which she belonged (how medieval is that?!), was engaged to a mortal woman, she has the chance to change her life (okay, afterlife).  Contacting the Digital Vampire Network (DVN for short), she pitches a new show and is hired to direct the first Vampire reality show: The Sexiest Man on Earth.  Using five of the female vampires from Roman’s harem as judges and a combination of vampire and human (talk about ratings boosts!) contestants, she sets out to create a hit as well as a new life for herself.  Yet what happens when she can’t resist one of the mortal contestants?  Will she risk her new job and life for him?

Austin Erickson (AKA Adam on The Sexiest Man on Earth) is actually an undercover CIA operative working to gather information about vampires.  With his off-the-chart psychic abilities, he’s able to infiltrate the enemy’s lair (so what if it’s a luxurious penthouse?), gather information (including photos of the gorgeous Darcy), and prepare to rid the world of a few evil vamps.  Yet once he really gets to know Darcy, he realizes he may just be falling in love with her.  Can he compete with the vampire contestants long enough for him and Darcy to decide just what to do about their relationship…and his vampire slaying job?

How did I ever miss this series?  Kerrelyn Sparks has created a wacky, witty, wonderful world in Vamps and the City.  The characters are fresh and most definitely unique and the story is so much more that what you’d expect.  On one level there is the romance that builds between Darcy and Austin.  Both know that nothing can come of it yet neither can resist the pull between them.  They each get into quite a few escapades while trying to deny their feelings and jumping each other’s bones.  On top of that, there is the growth of the harem vampires who learn to value their self worth.  Their outlooks on life, sex and masters will leave you laughing out loud and have you cheering for them.  Finally, the shift in prejudices between both the vamps and the humans is skillfully woven into this lighthearted reality spoof.  I can easily recommend Vamps in the City as one book that you won’t want to put down.  Not only that, it will leave you eagerly anticipating the next story in the series. 



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